The Table is the young adult ministry of Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle, a non-denominational church affiliated with the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies (FCA).

We are located centrally on the North Shore of Long Island in Smithtown, New York. The Table ministry began in January of 2012 with the desire and purpose to see young adults, specifically ages 18-30, take ownership of their faith in Jesus Christ, and build meaningful relationships with each other and their surrounding community.


It is our heart and vision to be a strong, intimate community of people, living our lives alongside one another, united by the work of Jesus Christ. Like a banquet table set for a feast, we come from different places and backgrounds, each of us with a different story. Our prayer and hope is that every person who journeys with us will taste of Jesus Christ and His amazing Grace. When we embrace Jesus, we embrace His story of love and in that our stories are forever changed.


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Pastor Stephen & Anna Zarlengo

My wife Anna and I truly believe that we are not meant to "do life” alone. Separately, we both came to the actuality that the truest and deepest community we had ever experienced was the local church. We genuinely count it a privilege to play a role in creating a community for young adults here on Long Island.

In order for one to understand ministry, they must view the life of Christ and replicate the way in which He served and loved. Ministry is not meant to be an individualistic occupation, but instead a communal work to see God’s Kingdom bring life and light to the dying and lost.  

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Ministry Asst.

Joseph Sauer


Admin Asst.

Caitie Paprocky

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Tech Director

Chris-matt Jainarine